24 Sample Term Paper Topics To Base Your Title On

The title you give your term paper is the first impression you make on your readers. It should be concise yet give enough information that your audience will know what to expect when they read on. A good title can make or break a great research paper.

One way to generate an outstanding title is to look to term papers that have already been published. Reading through these examples can give you inspiration for your own title. With that in mind, here’s some sample term paper topics on which you can base the title for your own research paper:

  • – Corporate Control in the United States Banking Industry: Case Study of Bank of America
  • – Accountability in Public Schools: Student Discipline and Management
  • – Flexible Working Schedules as an Employee Recruitment and Retention Strategy in the Private Sector
  • – Theatrical Movie Releases: Gender Preference for Animation versus CGI
  • – Effect of Project Management Discipline on Creativity in Software Engineering
  • – Technology and Societal Change: The Effects on Appalachian Community Structure
  • – Evaluation of the Sustainability of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Amid African Tribal Unrest
  • – Common Core Standards: Impact on the Traditional Educational Model
  • – Role of Assisted Living in the Future of Health Care for the Elderly
  • – Efficacy of Mainstreaming Disabled or Ill Students in the Public School System
  • – Stem Cell Research: Ethics in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • – Budgetary Impact of Teaching English as a Second Language in Public School Systems
  • – Effects of an After-School Academic Intervention Program on Language Arts Test Scores for Middle School African-American Males
  • – Do Beauty Pageants Have a Positive or Negative Impact of Society as a Whole?
  • – Societal and Moral Implications of Using Young Children as Soldiers
  • – Should Arson of a Church Be Prosecuted as a Hate Crime?
  • – Examining Impact of Paying College Athletes to Play Football
  • – Analysis of Use of Antibiotics, Steroids and Sprays in Food Production
  • – Analysis of Controversies Surrounding Guantanamo Bay Naval Base
  • – Examining the Validity of Justifications for Terrorism
  • – Analysis of Common Psychological Reactions to Reality Television
  • – Holding Parents Legally Accountable for the Actions of Their Children: Positive or Negative Impact on Society?
  • – Examination of the Societal Cost of Maintaining Free Speech in a Culture
  • – Analysis of the Impact of Multi-national War on the Global Economy

Deciding on a topic for a research paper can be a difficult task. In fact, it may be the hardest part of the research paper process. If your goal is an “A” level paper, picking the right topic is paramount. So give it some thought, make your decision, and then go for it. You can write the whole thesis paper for https://www.writingjobz.com/ and stop worrying about not having a job.


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